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Infopost: Seeing the Big Picture
It's been a long time since I've had to write one of these things up for a townie. Let's see if I can make this coherent, shall we? I might do a catch-all point-form infopost for all of my other kids, but for now, lets focus on Gorgon.

Tier 1: Who is Nikolai?

You know, besides being that new guy in town who works at the Arms and refuses to let people see his eyes. Nikolai, or Nick, is just your average late-twenty-something self-absorbed asshole from Hollywood. He's tall and broad in the shoulder, mostly because he's an active guy who makes a point to hit the gym whenever he can. Back in LA, he holds down a job in an agency that represents celebrities, so he's well and truly beyond the point of being easily starstruck and has more than a few connections back home if he needs to get his hands on anything weirdly specific. People will give you anything just for the bragging rights if you let on that you're going to be passing it on to Colin Firth or Lindsay Lohan. His morals are a little dubious, but his heart is generally in the right place. He's sick of seeing gang crime in the neighborhoods he frequents back home, and that'll be what pushes him to throw together a costume and take up the mantle of Gorgon, there.

... Unless Fandom pushes him to it, here. Which is entirely possible, really pretty much a given, considering this place.

In spite of what his icons might look like, please assume that Nikolai is wearing his mirrored shades at all times, unless I specifically state otherwise in narrative. It'd be a pretty short thread in most cases otherwise.

Tier 2: And the Gorgon?

Or, rather, the Gorgon's powers. Gorgon as a hero is something that Nikolai hasn't decided to do with himself just yet, but give him time to stop thinking he wound up with the most useless superpower on the planet, and he'll come around to that eventually. Just as soon as he realizes that people need to look at him in order to fight him.

Gorgon's big thing here is that thing he can do with his eyes. A few days after getting a blood transfusion from "a creepy old woman in Greece," he found out that it was kind of impossible for people to look him in the eye without their energy transferring over to him, weakening them and giving him a bit of a temporary kick in the form of enhanced stamina, strength, speed, durability... The kick doesn't make him invincible by any means, but good luck to any baseline human who thinks they can keep up with him in a parkour race across the rooftops of L.A. after a small crowd of people has looked him in the eye.

Looking into Nikolai's eyes is described in the book as being a little like being hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat, only without the pain. There's the initial shock, followed, generally, by panic, but the people who are locked in his sights are unable to move, blink, or look away until he lets them go. If they stare at him long enough, he can leave them in a coma. A quick glance might just leave them feeling weak for a while.

The island's local undead population should be grateful, at least. His powers only work on the living and the animated dead are immune, since what he's essentially draining is a person's life energy. Ah, delicious energy vampirism. All the joys of stealing human life, without the mess.

Tier 3: The Canon

ExHeroes, a book by Peter Clines, is a story about superheroes, gang warfare, and zombies, and has been likened to The Avengers meets The Walking Dead. So... you can kind of tell why I picked it up in the first place, huh? It takes place in Los Angeles, where a group of survivors have taken residence in what remains of Paramount Studios, now known as The Mount, under the protection of heroes. Heroes, of course, are those people with exceptional abilities, nifty costumes, and a reputation for running around the city fighting crime. Well. Fighting crime before the infection swept across the globe that turned people into the mindless, starving, shambling, snapping undead, or exes, because people just can't wrap their head around using the word 'zombie.'

... None of this is actually pertinent to Nikolai at the moment, as I grabbed him pre-canon. His world has a few heroes bopping around, but exes, not so much. Not yet, anyhow.

It's the first book in a trilogy also including ExPatriots, which is a continuation of the heroes and zombies story, but with added military, and ExCommunication, which hits bookstores on July 9th and yes I am planning on camping outside of the Chapters that day because I need it in my life.

I wouldn't say they're high-quality, super-intelligent reading, but they're fun, and they have superheroes and zombies, and that's pretty much all it takes to make me happy.

Tier 4: The Player

Hi! I'm Shannon, we've probably met or something, since I've been around this game since almost the dawn of time. You might know me from the other characters I play, Jono Starsmore, Evan Sabahnur, Warren Worthington III, and my powers-deficient oddball, Sparkle. I'll probably do a point-form infovomit post at some point during the week, once the other infoposts start rolling in. For now, I'm putting my focus on my townie, here, otherwise this post would never end.

Pretty much everything you need to know about me is this- I'm one of the game's token Canadians with a slight bias toward playing superpowered freaks with issues. I live in the fake timezone that sees me going to bed an hour before the East Coast Americans, in that province called Nova Scotia, where I make cartoons for a living because I am a masochist I am a huge nerd I never grew up I live a charmed life or something, I don't know.

I'm around mostly in the evenings and on weekends, depending on how crunchy the studio crunch time really is, and I can very, very occasionally sneak time to ping from my email while I'm at work, because for someone who works in a profession that involves making 24 unique drawings for each second of animation, I have practically zero attention span.

If you need to contact me for anything, I'm on AIM in the evenings at raspberryturk or soldierhonour, and you can contact me via e-mail any time at shannon.perry3d @ gmail dot com.


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